Sneaker Freaker: Why The iPhone Is Killing The Sneaker Industry

“Sneaker Freaker went on a crusade to figure out why sneakers are getting less creative and more expensive. The half-joking, half-serious feature, “Why the iPhone is Killing the Sneaker Industry,” sets out first to answer age-old questions about the real price of manufacturing sneakers, and then delves into contemporary geo-political affairs like oil prices, currency manipulation and civil unrest. All of which, they claim, jack the prices of sneakers way, way up and make creativity non-existent. The article mentions, very quickly, that the semi-skilled workers who were once making sneakers for cheap are leaving that industry for better paying jobs making electronics. So, your iPhone is partially to blame for the price of sneakers going through the roof. And, while this is the shortest part of the piece, this is where the article points out its thesis, ever so subtly. All forms of consumption are interconnected – whether you like it or not. Continue reading over at Sneaker Freaker.”

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