Norté thoughts from Tinie Tempah’s sell out show at the 02!!

What went down last night (Friday 4th November)  was nothing short of historic. I can safely say i’ve been in the game a hot minute and earned a few stripes on my shoulders, and in my time of seeing artists do their thing, I have NEVER experienced anything of this magnitude!!

So I got to the venue (backstage rolling in FINE style to say the least) with the boys. We managed to catch 3 quarters of J Cole’s set………..and even the fact that it was J Cole supporting Tinie was CRAZY in itself!! Cole is like the next new Hot Boy from the “Roc”, A big US rapper with a n0.1 album under his belt in the states, so this just shows how BIG the main event was!! So tunes like “Work Out”, “Can’t Get Enough” and “In the Morning” went down a real treat in the 02 venue! YEP!!

So after Cole done his thing, the lights came on again and more and more people came in filling ALL the seats!! (talk is when anyone sells out the O2, they get a nice BIG bonus in there back pocket). I was lucky enough to have some GOOD seats, sitting with a few namebrands! Reggie Yates, Dizzee Rascal, Loick Essien, David Haye and Tinie’s family was sat all around. One of the most beautiful things I saw was when Tinie’s mum was walking down the stairs, before sitting down just looking up and around at the THOUSANDS of people taking it all in, she had the most proudest smile on her face……that picture right THERE was priceless!! So if I’M proud, imagine his MUM??!! Lovely……just lovely!!

So Lights go down, the noise is DEAFENING and its officially showtime!! Tinie springs up from under the stage into the air then lands!! I clock what he’s wearing with immediate effect! A swagged out  hoodied tracksuit, with an Octopuss style flourescent rucksack was the starting outfit! On his feet he had on the very first Back to the Future Nike Air Mags, so you can say he had like £38,000 on his feet!! SMASHED IT!!!

Tune after tune after tune was coming out of them MASSIVE speakers!! My personal fav from the album “Unstoppable” had me skankin out, bending my knees singing and smiling!!

Big up DJ Charlesy who was the hype man and DJ handling his side very well! There was a part of the show when Tinie just appeared in the middle of the O2 (see picture below) on another stage as opposed to the front of house! Charlesy came into the crowd right where we were sitting running through the fans with the mic backin up Tinie’s lyrics, it was like some Yankee shit!!

Tinie then gave a big dedication to his parents who where celebrating their wedding anniversary that very same day!! 22 years to the day and their son is selling out the O2! Pretty good aye?!

There was a part of the show when everything stopped and all you heard was a massive sounding Skype ring ( I LOVE that ring tone by the way! I always let it ring out so I can jam to it before answering!!). It was Swedish Mafia on the big screens!! The fellas had a talk with Tinie, then you knew what came next! “Miami to Ibiza” officially took the roof OFF!!!!!!! Crowd went DULLALLY!!

So after the roof came off, i’m thinking shit, what next!! So after a lil while a more speakers gettin blown, LABRINTH comes from under the stage, then all you hear is “Labrinth…COME IN” and he performs “Earthquake” – I swear, I almost lost my head, it was just beautiful to see!! And Of course Tinie came in with his “FIRE FIRE – we we about to set this place on FIRE….” -NUTZ!!!!

So Lab stayed to perform the encore which was the tune that really set up and carved the whole lane out…”PASS OUT” – You can just IMAGINE how it went down! Just think more lights, explosions, more screaming, the crowd singing and rapping EVERY word and me almost passing out!!!!

After the show I went backstage with the boys and we bumped into so many heads!! Wretch 32, Wizzy Wow, Sincere, Twin B and Richard Antwi (1xtra & Levels Entertainment), Cobi Yates (Stylist), G Frsh and NUFF other peeps! With the vibe everyone was on, everyone started cheering for no reason! THAT was a Golden moment right there, believe me on that!

To see how our boy Tinie has grown as an artist to where he is now, inspiring is not really the word to use, something like Gallactical should be used instead!!

Big up the whole band who done a FINE FINE job as well!! Also thanks and CONGRATS to Dumi and the whole Disturbing London family!!!!


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